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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  August 23, 2015 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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breaking this morning, north korea doubling its artillery forces on the front lines. and this is happening as north and sockuth korea are going bac to the negotiating table. new details this morning about the man behind the train attack in paris. why authorities think he may be attached to a terrorist group. police now continuing the search for victims in this air show plane crash.
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good to have you with us. we want to begin with this breaking news from the korean peninsula where north and south korea are trying to diffuse the most serious confrontation in 20 years. we've learned the north has doubled its artillery forces on the front lines and more than 70% of their submarine units have left their bases. now, at this moment top officials are from both side are back at the negotiating table, we know, after the two side exchanged fire. they negotiated for ten hours yesterday. we're three and a half hours in at this point. the fact that they've been at it so long, what does that tell you about any possible progress at
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all? >> reporter: it tells you they're still talking. that has to be at least a good thing. these are very important people on both side of the face, including from the political r bureau of the army, someone said to have kim jong un's right hand man. these are very important talks. they very rarely happen. it's good they've come back and are continuing to talk. but at the same time we're see this buildup of military capabilities. we south korea remaining on high alert and we're hearing from the south korean defense ministry about all these troops they're sending to the border, both sides getting ready for the possibility of war. some small signs of hope were coming out of even the way south
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korea was talking. kcna was referring to north korea for many many years, the republican of north korea. they said today, never to be pardoned are the south korea puppet group of traitors busy with igniting a war of aggression while swimming against unanimous desire of -- >> we see this buildup again at the lines and hear how long they've been negotiating. what do we know could be the issues on the table? >> reporter: what we were told yesterday was very brief from the south korean side and the briefing they gave journalists. i talked about the importance of the people who are in that room,
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including this man who is very close to kim jong un. but the other people who are there are the unification minister from south korea. these are people who talk broadly on the problems that are always plaguing this peninsula and the relationship between north and south korea. not just the line mines, not just the propaganda speaks, but big issues such as family reunions, such as the sanctions against north korea that makes pyongyang very angry. now that all of these people are finally in a room talking to one another, they may very well be going overall those issues as well. the korean demilitarized zone is a strip of land dividing north and south korea.
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will riply got lley got a look area. >> reporter: we are now on the main road in the border between north and south korea, the dmz. the dmz is anything but demilitarized. today a heavily fortified border with both side constantly prepared for war. three quarters stationed close to the dmz. he calls it the most tense place on the planet. this is where you used to negotiate with the americans? most say north korea started the war. here they teach a different version of history.
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america is the real culprit he says, but still the americans deny the truth. the tension is palpable as we approach the border. is there a real danger here of something breaking out? armed soldiers stand just feet from the border, the scene of occasional deadly violence in the years since the cease fire. as we enter a building straddling the line between north and south, an ominous warning of even bigger danger. >> that's part of will ripley's report. that was some context. let's get more now and bring in mark hurtling and gordon chang. we've learned that six fighter
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jets from south korea are headed back ahead of schedule from drills in alaska. does this suggest to you something else? >> it's flexing. and this is what happens every time one of these provocative actions takes place. it's challenging to know about the artillery on the northern side what their missions are, but they always deploy whenever these kind of provocations occur. when you're traalking about the submarine force, that's also part of the provocation. kim jong un had photoshopped photos of him next to a ballistic missile launch. they can still be very
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dangerous. and it's all part of the flexing. >> gordon, do you see a contradiction here between the continuing talks, ten hours yesterday, we're at about three and a half hours now and the return of south korea. >> there is a contradiction. but this is standard north korean tactics. they're going to have hard and soft tactics at the same time. the reality here though is there are powerful incentives to have agreements. i think both side need to have certain things they'd like to get from these negotiations. i suspect maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but there will be some sort of accommodation. >> do you suspect sit will be
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more than just an end to the propaganda messages? >> i think it might be a little bit more. really what they need to do is start a series of discussions. they're not going to settle the important issues during these sessions of talks. it's good that you have the general who is considered to be the second most powerful leader in north korea. but the important point is at least they are discussing this. because from south korea's perspective, as long as there's peace, it's good. >> thank you so much. new deed this is morning about the gunman. this man who tried to commit a massacre aboard high speed train in france. allegedly that was the motive.
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we have a live report from paris coming up. . plus, cameras capturing an air show. it's horrible. the plane suddenly crashes in london. we have the latest on the search for the cause. also ahead what's behind a private meeting between joe biden and senator elizabeth warren? that conversation ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on.
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khazzani. he's accused of trying to attack a european train packed the riders. but he was taken down by three americans, a brit and a french national. they are trying to determine how he became so heavily armed. nick, i understand there are reports that ayoub el khazzani is saying he found these weapons and this incident is not what it appears to be. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's what local media are quoting their sources inside the security services here in france as saying this ayoub el khazzani is telling authorities here that really he just got on this train with all this weaponry and robbed people and happened to find the robbery. this is not going to wash here. this is a man who had ties to radical islamists here and in
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spain. the spanish authorities helped identify him. he was also under the eye, if you will, of the counter terrorism services in belgium. the belgians were investigat investigatoring. concerns is did he go to syria? a couple of months later he comes back to europe. and that group of french isis are known to have tried to perpetrate through another young attacker, tried to perpetrate another attack here in france just a couple of months ago in april. so this notion that he was on the train to rob people is not
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going to stand. there's a lot of evidence this man was into much more. >> let's talk about these three americans who helped to stop this attack. we've heard from the president. we've heard from secretary kerry, members of the military. we understand they have a pretty big day ahead in france there. >> reporter: you know, their day tomorrow is going to be something out of a dream for many frenchmen. they're going to go meet with the french president here at the french presidential palace. the prime minister is going to be there, the foreign minister, the transport minister. they're rolling out a massive diplomatic red carpet. these men are seen as heros. spencer stone released from a
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french medical clinic getting surgery on his thumb after being attacked by a box cutter the killer was yielding. he left hospital yesterday afternoon. his two friends anthony sadler and alek skarlatos. when they saw who was coming out, these young americans, they cheered them. they're heros here. everyone here knows had it not been for their brave actions, a lot of people could have died and there's no one here that that hasn't touched. >> no question they deserve all of the accolades they're getting. they prevented a massacre on that train. >> as nick mentioned the french
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president fr-- the brother of spencer stone called him a warrior. >> he took the guy down. there was a fight for the gun and the man also had another side arm on him and a box cutter and he ended up getting cut up pretty badly during the fight for the box cutter. he pretty much sums up the definition of being a warrior. >> we also know that the stone family is working on plans to visit spencer stone there in france. getting word this morning that three americans are among a dozen people killed this morning by a suicide car bomber. we continue to monitor the breaking news between north and south korea as leaders are
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. 22 minutes past the hour right now. three americans were among those killed when a suicide bomber blew up his car. it was at a health clinic where people gathered to see doctors. a convoy of u.s. contractors and afghan civilians were involved. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, still no claim of responsibility,which is
3:23 am
really unusual. a spokesperson for the taliban saying it certainly wasn't them. so questions being raised as to who was responsible for this massive suicide car bombing in the center of kabul. which as you say has claimed the lives of 12 people, three of those being u.s. contractors who were working for the coalition forces over there in afghanistan. remember, there are only 10,000 u.s. forces still in country at the moment. and u.s. contractors are still working with the coalition. this is the biggest loss of american life in one incident in afghanistan this year. and i should also mention that more than 60 for wounded. and as you say it took place outside a clinic, this private hospital where people go to see doctors. they were queueing up outside. also it was rush hour, so hence the number of casualties, the number of civilians.
3:24 am
so real concerns about this latest attack in what is a wave of violence sweeping across the capital of afghanistan. earlier this month the taliban did claim responsibility for an attack at the entrance to the airport of kabul. these attacks are increasing in afghanistan. and serious questions being raced over whether the government and the afghan security forces can actually do that job. >> and who may really be behind that. because as you point out, the taliban will usually claim responsibility if they have perpetrated it. thank you so much. we'll keep you posted on that. a private meeting between the vice president and senator elizabeth warren, what would it mean to the 2016 i election if
3:25 am
he jump into the race. brand new twin pandas. they're getting an awful lot of attention this morning. let's go from that to this. this week's culinary journey takes us to atlanta georgia. we going to meet a chef with a reputation of creating refined food with a southern flair. take a look at what separates his cooking style from other top chefs. >> this is gunshow. for head chef it includes four nominations at the prestigious awards. >> i wanted to build restaurant that did not feel exclusitory in
3:26 am
any way. i wanted to build a restaurant that was 100% transparent, that there was no mystery to what we were doing. you could see every piece of the work, from where we store our pots and pans all the way to the final dish. the cooks create their own menus. they order, prep, cook and serve their own food table side. so when a person comes to you and says, i have this thing, that's the person who made it. gunshow stimulates a lot of senses. it's stimulating. it's a show almost, like going to the theater. >> they prepare, plate and present their dishes to an awaiting audience. and for frequent patrons of gunshow, it's clear that the chef feels most at home coated in the culinary culture of the american south.
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>> this one kind of sells it. chicken and waffles is not a very difficult dish to sell in the deep south. even when we add the little vietnamese spin, it's still pretty popular. >> i live in a city where you're rooted in the traditions of the deep south, yesterday you have people from all over the world every single day here. it feels like the cuisine that should be prepared in a city like this is one that embraces that world view. >> watch the full show at
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. bottom of the hour now. breaking news is happening as north and south korean leaders are meeting again to prevent a major confrontation. >> the north has already doubled its artillery forces on the front lines and an estimated 70 importa % of their submarines have left their bases. we're going to keep you updated on this situation throughout the hour. french media is identifying him as ayoub el khazzani.
3:32 am
investigators are trying to determine where he traveled in the several months before this alleged attack. officials say the suspect met with french isis fighters while in turkey. but they want to know if he made it to syria. now to a story you saw first on cnn, a meeting of the minds fuelling new speculation about a 2016 run by vice president joe biden. sources say that the vice president got together privately with senator elizabeth warren yesterday, the meeting might be the biggest indication yet that he's hearing from influential dems before announcing his intentions. >> this is in many ways the big story of the weekend in politics, certainly on the democratic side. we know that joe biden came back to washington from his home in
3:33 am
delaware for a meeting with senator elizabeth warren. it's interesting because senator warren has become something of a liberal icon. she has a lot of fans. she's sitting this race out, but she hasn't endorsed any of the democratic candidates. we don't know, of course, what specifics biden and warren spoke about. but we do know that biden has told his associated that he plans to make a decision on whether to mount a third run for the white house within next month. his advisors have told him he has to decide by october 1st. part of this decision has to involve him looking very very closely at this race. he's seeing the appeal of another liberal senator, bernie sanders who recollec sanders, who's drawing huge crowds and inspiring a lot of enthusiasm. he's also seeing the numbers that includes clinton's very
3:34 am
high unfavorability rates. i should mention in that same poll more than 50% of democrats say that biden should get in the race. but of course mounting a campaign for the white house is a big deal. it requires organization. it requires fund-raising. and we know that the vice president feels that he would be a good president. but he doesn't want to run just to make hillary clinton a better candidate, he wants to run to win. we'll be closely watching what he decide in about the next month. >> let's talk more about the vice president's political future with jason johnson. good to have you. so when is a meeting more than a meeting? that's the question here. what do you make of this? >> i don't make that much of it. they could have been talking about recipes. >> come on, recipes? >> i'm telling you, the fact of
3:35 am
the matter is if joe biden was actually very serious about running, he needed to do this several months ago. many of the campaign people he would need, they've already joined the clinton campaign. what i'm hearing here in washington, d.c. is october 1st might be too late to put together the kind of ground game he might need to be competitive in iowa. >> if he's not launching a real campaign here, what is it? his people have not denied this meeting, so suggesting he wants people to know he was meeting with elizabeth warren. >> it's hard to stop running for president when you've been this close. of course he's thinking to himself maybe i should. i just think that even meeting with elizabeth warren. until we start hearing he's
3:36 am
getting a pac together, i don't think he's got much of a chance. i think these sorts of meetings are him dipping his toes in the water. >> according to a quinnipiac poll, he hasn't even entered the race. ahead of the gop front runner here in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. what stone thinks about this meeting and whbiden's potential bid. listen. >> my democratic friends reflected an increasing lack of ease with hillary clinton's candidacy. her unfavorables are climbing. she's mired in this e-mail scandal. she's on defense, explaining. ra and when you're explaining in politics, you're losing. the weakness of hillary clinton
3:37 am
appears to be to her left. this is why bernie sanders is doing so well. this i think explains why the vice president is meeting with elizabeth warren. >> if he can exploit the perceived weaknesses of secretary clinton and then bring on maybe an endorsement or a wink and a nod from senator warren, he could carve out a pretty sizable middle space there, could he not? >> absolutely. if he did join the race, i think he could give hillary clinton a run for her money. the biggest difference, it just has to do with likability. lots of people like joe biden. lots of people feel comfortable about joe biden. he has a good sense of humor. i think he's the only one who could do a one on one with donald trump and be just as witty and just as engaging. i don't think that hillary clinton's numbers are going to stay this low.
3:38 am
i think we might see some different numbers in these individual states. >> there's something that donald trump pointed out and a lot of people on social media are talking about this perceived photo shop mishap. this is a campaign leaflet that was sent to about 86,000 eiowan. jeb bush has a photoshopped photo which gives him a black left hand and different looking body. jeb just can't get it right. what do you make of this? >> i don't know why he's concerned one way or another about jeb bush looking any closer to black people. i think it's just a mistake on the part of the bush campaign. they have claimed this was a mistake, it's a bad photo shop
3:39 am
picture. it just proves to me jeb bush is not ready for prime time. if you can't get your photo shop correct, maybe you need to do a better job of hiring interns. >> to be fair, he didn't make this himself, but i wonder where they just get a random black hand. >> the right to rise superpac says it was an accident. they tweeted out the original photo. they say it was a shadow. it's just the picture has a bad shadow. that's what they're claiming. >> all right. thank you so much. a reminder, cnn hosts the next presidential debate from the reagan library wednesday
3:40 am
september 16th right here on cnn. can you imagine watching an air show and seeing this plane crashing. seven people are dead and this morning they're still searching for more victims. >> plus caitlyn jenner could face charges for a car accident that she had earlier this year. a legal expert weighs in on the consequences. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. will probably eat something or drink something that is acidic on a daily basis.
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3:45 am
somehow the pilot survived. ian, i know it's a rainy day there, maybe hampering the search. but what can you tell us? >> reporter: i don't know if you can see, about a couple of miles that way. that is where the crash took place. there's a huge cordon covering a wide area, police not allowing people to get closer. going through this debris. it is raining today, as you said. that is hampering efforts. we heard from police there could be more bodies, more people unaccounted for. it's easy to see with that massive fireball in that crash, there could be more bodies there. but one man did describe exactly what happened. take a listen.
3:46 am
>> he came down across, half a mile away, actually. and he was obviously too low. that was it. he hit the ground and there was a lot of flame and a lot of nasty. >> reporter: victor, the pilot miraculously did survive, was pulled from the wreckage. he's a veteran of the royal air force. he was a flight instructor. someone who new this hawker hunter aircraft. he flew the same aircraft just last year at this airshow. but one thing we're also learning is that this airfield has had several crashes in the past. as a result, pilots were not allowed to fly over spectators or anywhere that was inhabited. so the real question now is why his maneuver was performed over
3:47 am
a very busy highway and why -- and how this plane failed. >> yeah. and when you see that crash, it's miraculous that anyone survived. ian lee there for us. thank you so much. a judge is going to make a big decision regarding caitlyn jenner this week. will she be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter after a deadly accident earlier this year. >> plus news over a listening device in a locker room. what's going on? >> the colts felt that the new england patriots were not to be trusted. the colts reportedly still sweep for bugs in their locker room whenever they play in new england. sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please.
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a district attorney is about to decide if caitlyn jenner should be charged for her role
3:52 am
in a fatal car crash. the investigation is now complete. and although they found that jenner did not commit gross negligence, they said quote, jenner was going at unsafe speed for the prevailing conditions even though he was traveling under the posted speed limit. that masculine pronoun came from the d.a.'s office. joey jackson is joining us with more. do you think this case is strong enough for the d.a. to bring charges? >> i really don't think so. what they do in these investigations is they focus on the conduct of the person. and that would be caitlyn jenner. in addition to that, what th they'll do is look for negligence. what that means is, was there any care lessness? was there any inattentiveness.
3:53 am
if the investigation reveals any distracted driving, were you texting or speaking on a cell phone. then of course that lead to the issue of negligence and even gross negligence. gross negligence of course wasn't found here. and then they look at the rate of speed. he was unsafe for the conditions but under speed limit. that's very difficult. what would an ordinary driver in those circumstances be doing? if you're going under the speed level, do you reasonably anticipate that there would be a prius stopped ahead on the road and the prius would be hit by a lexus and you would hit that lexu lexus. i think it's very difficult to forge a criminal case against him on this.
3:54 am
>> you said the word right there, criminal, which is key. what about these civil suit? the fact that the sheriff says jenner did not commit gross negligence, how strong might civil suits be in this case? and how much might they get if possible mo possible? >> in a civil lawsuit you're talking about a preponderance of the evidence. from a civil perspective, different standard, different measures of proof. and i think there where you're looking at money and not somebody's liberty, two civil lawsuits one from the prius
3:55 am
owner. apparently they had a suspended license, so problematic for them. a from a civil perspective i think the insurance companies would settle, there would be some monetary amount that would be paid. but criminal charges, i think that's a bit of a stretch at this point. >> interesting. thank you, sir. the man who was allegedly going to commit a massacre aboard a train in france, three americans and two others stopped him by taking him down. the connections investigators have discovered in a live report from paris, ahead.
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or, you can change the way you check your phone. it's 3-0 in the first. how'd you do that? magic. acutally, it's the samsung galaxy s6 edge, with discreet edge notifications. time now, 57 after the hour. look at other stories making headlines. a national review team will look into the deaths of three firefighters who were killed in a firefight there in washington state last week. washington's governor calls the situation there unprecedented. >> in all 259 fires are burning
3:58 am
in 17 states across the nation now, particularly in the southwest. and a surprise second baby, twins. who knew? just hours after giving birth to a cub, giant panda mei xiang delivered an unexpected second one at the national zoo. this comes just days after the zoo announced her possible pregnancy. both cubs appear to be healthy. so first came spygate, next we had deflategate. peyton manning husbawas appareno worried about new england cheating that the colts wouldn't talk strategy in the locker room. the colts still sweep for bugs
3:59 am
when they play new england. are the patriots just the most dishonest team in sports? or do they just have a bad reputation? what do you say? >> i can say in my nine years i had a head coach that we would go to an opposing team's stadium. and the night before you stay in a hotel, he would make sure we cleaned all the trash cans because they had caught other teams coming in and stealing things out of the trash cans when we left to see if there were any notes or plays left in there. when you talk about the biggest scandals in sports, you have to think the patriots are up there. we want to know what you think. use hashtag new day cnn. what has been the biggest sports scandal in history?
4:00 am
we want to know what you think and why. we'll use your insight coming up next. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> there is much more ahead on the next hour of "new day" and that starts right now. ♪ talks underway as we speak here in the truce village between north and south korea. the countries talking as they seem to be teetering on the edge of a full scale military confrontation. three americans heros after stopping an attack on a high speed train. the suspect has links to isis. . a suicide bomber striking a caravan in afghanistan leaving nine dead and dozens wounded. an air show disaster in england after a military jet
4:01 am
slammed emed into a busy highw. a private meeting between joe biden and elizabeth warren. is a sign that biden is serious about jump into this race? good morning. always good to start a sunday for you. >> absolutely. we want to start with breaking news from the korean peninsula. north korea is sending more artillery forced, we've learned, to the border with the south. an estimated 70% of their submarine units have also left their bases. now, the south seems to be taking precautions as well, calling back six of their fighter jets from military drills in alaska ahead of schedule. at this moment top officials from both sides are back at the negotiating table after the two sides traded fire. yesterday, these talks went on
4:02 am
for ten hours. we're four hours into talks right now. surely this has progressed to talking about more than just propagan propaganda blaring from speakers. >> reporter: that's some of the speculation, absolutely. there's got to be a lot on the table and a lot of ground to cover. these are very important people who meet very rarely. of course they'd want to take the opportunity to discuss everything that has been building up between these two side. they have a very difficult task even when it comes to just the tensions that have been building recently. south korea was blaming north korea for land mine attacks that almost killed two south korean soldiers. north korea is not taking responsibility for that. but south korea starting this program of propaganda. it seems they're going to have
4:03 am
to find a way for both sides to be able to save face. the other thing they may be talking about are all of the other issues that have been plaguing the peninsula for years and years. the issues of sanctions and family reunions. the north korean state news agency was referring to south korea respectfully by its real name rather than a puppet state as it usually does. today kcna is back to its usually ways. they say never to be pardoned are the south korean puppet group of traitors busy with igniting a war of aggression while swimming against the unanimous desire of all the come patriots for peace. >> appreciate the up date. thank you. let's bring in gordon chang.
4:04 am
i want to start with the four men who are sitting is at this table. is it likely that not just this skirmish but maybe any other larger issue can be solved without a mediator, without a third party? >> i don't know what a mediator could do. this is a very difficult situation for both side. there are a lot of obstacles. but at some point i think they will come to an agreement. but you can't see either south korea or north korea agreeing to a mediator because they're just so opposite right now. i think they can settle this among themselves. it probably will be easier for them to do that without a third party in the room. >> which country or body would both sides trust to be an objective mediator? let's get to what we know about the rhetoric that's changed here, going from calling south korea the republic of south
4:05 am
korea to puppet traitors. what's the significance to you? >> sometimes they will show a kind face, sometimes a difficult one. this is important in a sense, but nonetheless we've seen this before. that's the reason why we also had this military buildup on the north korean side with the bringing down of the skud missiles. this is again negotiating tactics on the part of the north koreans. >> is there any likelihood that north korea will admit to planting these land mines that both south korea and the u.n. believe that they did? and what would be the significance for south korea? do they want more than that? >> yeah. i think that is a start for south korea. but i don't see the north koreans agreeing to do that. i think one of the reasons the north planted those land mines is to prevent south korean
4:06 am
soldiers from entering the d mz and defecting. this is very sensitive for north korea. i don't see them admitting this. and and. we know that north korean representatives who are part of this meeting made the trek to south korea back in october for the asia games. and we know that north korea specifically requested the meeting. what can be gleaned from that request? >> it is a good sign that you have very high level in the room. when the general came down in october there was a lot of optimism this signalled a new posture on the part of north korea. but those hopes quickly faded.
4:07 am
while it's important that you have decisionmakers in the room or people who are close to decisionmakers, nonetheless this is going to be a long, drawn out negotiation. >> thank you so much. there is race for information right now in paris. antiterrorism officials are interrogating this man. french media identifying him as ayoub el khazzani. he's accused of trying to attack a european train packed with travelers before he was stopped by passengers. three americans and one britain, by the way. they are trying to decipher where he traveled in the months before the attack and how he came to be so heavily armed. what east intere's interesting is this suspect has a very
4:08 am
different version or story about a possible alleged motive here, yes? >> reporter: sure. what we're reading in local media that they're getting from their sources inside the security sources here in france is that he was on the train trying to perpetrate a robbery and -- >> i keep waiting to see if he's going to come back. what nick was trying to say there was there is word come media there in france that this man was trying to perpetrate an armed robbery -- i think we have nick back. he came upon or found these weapons randomly. is that right? is that the story? >> reporter: yeah. th the reality is he was in spain
4:09 am
associated with radical islamists there. he was put on the radar of french counter terrorism officials by spanish officials. he moved to belgium. he was on the radar of belgian counter terrorism officials. and then this year to the point just a few months ago he went to turkey, made contact with a group of french isis there. came back to europe from turkey just a couple of months ago and that group that he made connection with, they have tried to perpetrate an attack here in france by directing another young radical islam from africa here. the idea he's going to try to pass off he got these weapons in a park and was trying to rob
4:10 am
people on the train. that's not going to wash here but that's apparently what he's saying. political watchers are perking up after this meeting regarding vice president joe biden's future. it was a private meeting with one of the big stars of the democratic party, senator elizabeth warren. more about this sitdown and what could be the real impact. also protesters steal the spotlight from governor chris christ christie. we'll tell youhy these protesters interrupted. roof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
4:11 am
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4:14 am
well, let me be really clear about that. i have to tell you the truth. when something like that happens and i'm here in iowa, man, i feel right at home. >> well, he handled it well, didn't he. chris christie speaking on the soapbox at the state fair in des moines. christie was interrupted by the activists. they were yelling stop exploiting animals. it's not food. it's violence. the governor coming under fire for vetoing legislation that would ban pig farmers from using crates that limit the mobility
4:15 am
of pigs. new speculation this morning about a possible white house run for vice president joe biden, this after sources say paidbided a private meeting with senator elizabeth warren. this might be the biggest enduation yet thindication yet biden might be hearing from influential dems. >> it looks like it's the biggest story of the weekend certainly on the democratic side of the 2016 race. we know that the meeting was held at biden's request. the senator came to the naval observatory after the vice president asked her to. it was a two-hour long meeting. the pair discussed economic policy according to a person familiar with the discussion. that person told cnn that the presidential campaign or biden's future was not a particular focus of the discussion. but of course this is
4:16 am
significant because senator warren has become something of a liberal icon. she has a lot of fans. fans who are encouraging her to make a run for the white house in 2016. she's sitting this race out. but she hasn't endorsed any other candidate. we know that biden asupporters are closely watching this race. of course they've got to be looking at the numbers, numbers like the ones in our most recent poll. i think we can put that up on the screen. the high unfavorable views of hillary clinton. our polls showed that 53% of voters have an unfavorable view of her versus just 44% for the vice president. we know that her honesty and truth worthiness numbers are taking a hit after those e-mails. our same polls show that more
4:17 am
than half of democrats want to see biden get in the race. >> they're looking at, i'm sure, a possible deadline to do so. jason johnson said if biden doesn't make an announcement by october 1st, he doesn't think it can happen. >> that's what his advisors have told him. biden is going to decide whether to mount this third run for the white house in about a month. i would expect there to be some sort of announcement between say mid september and of course that october 1st date. we know that running for the white house is no small task. you've got to have the organization and the fund-raising. we know a small team has been working for weeks. we know the vice president has
4:18 am
run for this offense twice. he believes he would make a good president, but he doesn't want just to run to make hillary clinton a better eventually nominee, he wants to run to win. >> appreciate it this morning. let's break this down further with cnn politics senior reporter. good to have you with us. i wonder with secretary clinton's logistics and fund-raising advantage and the huge crowds we're seeing for senator sanders, does vice president biden need something like a vote of support from elizabeth warren to really have a chance here? >> if she endorsed his campaign and played a roll in it, she would fire up the progress wing of the democratic party. the really only potential lane for vice president biden to have a shot at winning the nomination is in hillary clinton's problems with this e-mail server
4:19 am
continue. and it seems at the moment every time she tries to address it she makes it worse. that's got some in the democratic party thinking, okay , if this doesn't go away, who is there in the democrat party. many people think that bernie sanders, although he's getting a lot to his rallies and firing up the left wing of the party, is not really a potential nominee who could win the general election. it's really a question of the circumstances lining up for biden. >> are there enough resources available? not just the money and the fund-raising but state party chairs, endorsements. he need to get on the ballot in all 50 states. can he do that? >> hillary clinton has done a very good job of forming up support from the party elites. it's questionable if biden would
4:20 am
be able to do that in the short amount of time that exists between when he would declare a compare and the primaries and the caucuses which start in iowa at the beginning of february. the time frame is very, very narrow for vice president biden. and fwen tthe only real reason m to get in this race is if hillary clinton's campaign were to implode, if there are some real revelations about these e-mails. he would be in a position to assume some of that support. it's almost like he's in there as a contingency. it's the timetable that's the difficult thing for vice president joe biden. >> thank you so much for being us this morning. back over to you. let's talk about this
4:21 am
unprecedented move to help battle the wildfires in washington. the state is now putting out a call for volunteers. you don't have to be a firefighter. plus, u.s. contractors are the target of a suicide bombing in afghanistan. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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24 minutes past the hour. police are searching for more potential victims today after this vintage military plane crashed into a busy highway yesterday. the plane was flying a loop during an air show in england. it nose dived. seven people on the ground died. and the pilot survived somehow
4:25 am
but is critically injured. today's air show obviously has been cancelled. these wildfires have strained firefighters and stretched resources so thin that for the first time ever officials are calling on citizen volunteers to help. they say they've already been flooded with offers. we also know there are 200 active duty military personnel who are joining this fire fight this weekend. there are 259 fires burning in 17 states, mainly in the west and southwest. the environmental protection agency was well aware of the potential for a blowout at an abandoned mine, that according to newly released documents that show the epa knew about the dangers for more than a year.
4:26 am
3 million gallons of waste water spilled. a plane suddenly crash lands on a beach and narrowly misses families. this happened along riviera beach in florida last night. the rental plane's engine went out. the pilot was able to glide the plane and land outside of a condo. no one was hurt. the faa is investigating. two new bundles of joy at the national zoo. giant panda mei xiang gave birth to her first cub around 4:30 yesterday. the second cub came unexpectedly late last night. both appear to be healthy. they're each going to be alternated between an incubator and mama bear so they both get
4:27 am
time to bond. we are learning more about that suspect in that alleged train attack in france. the questions, do the weapons he was carrying give investigators new clues into whether this was a well planned and thought out attack. . plus, one hospital is responding after senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen uncovered an unusually high death rate for babies in their pediatric heart unit. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords.
4:28 am
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4:31 am
korea leaders are in their fifth hour now on the second day of meetings to try to prevent a major confrontation. that's happening as north korea has already doubled its artillery forces on the front line. an estimated 70% of their submarine units have left their bases. and south korea has called six fighter jets ahead of schedule from military drills. as we reported at the top of the hour the man accused of trying to attack a european train is being investigates by antiterror police right now. three americans and one brit took him down before he could do any harm. they're identifying him as ayoub el khazzani. investigators are trying to determine where he traveled in the months before the incident. officials say the suspect met with french isis fighters while in turkey. now they want to know if he actually made it to syria. let's talk about some of the new information coming out from
4:32 am
tom fuentes. so good to have you with us. first of all, this latest information we're getting this morning, french media reporting the suspect is claiming he founds the weapons and only wanted to rob these people. he was on a moving train. what credence do you give to this alleged claim from allegedly the suspect? >> i give none. but i guess some people might want to believe that, but i think it's pretty incredible that he would have that kind of equipment with an ak-47, a nine millimeter pistol, knives, box cutters. i think the idea that it was just a robbery, you know, even by itself would be a very terrifying, much less a fill blown terror attack. >> let's talk about the possible links to french isis fighters in
4:33 am
t turkey he may be linked to. we know turkey has been the end point to syria to travel through it. is there a belief that people are now training inside turkey it? >> i haven't heard that they're training in turkey. but i think the idea of all of these individuals traveling from, in his case, from morocco to spain to turkey, it just shows the tremendous problem and vulnerability particularly in europe because of proximity to turkey, tsyria and iraq, that s many of their nationals have made the trip over. and we're not sure if they get into syria and do training or not. it's almost impossible to track the hundreds and hundreds of individual who have traveled from turkey into syria and iraq. >> how vulnerable are train
4:34 am
systems not just there but in the u.s. to something like this? >> they' ee're completely vulnerable. we don't have the boarding process to get on a train that we have with airplanes. it's a much easier target to get on. in europe particularly you just have so much train traffic. the network of trains, you know, it's the preferred method of travel by most europeans for nearby countries. in this case, amsterdam to paris, it's very logical to use a train instead of an airplane. and they're much more vulnerable. and the people are trapped. there's no running off the train if it's going 100 miles an hour down the tracks. so the people are sitting ducks for a guy like this to come runs out of the bathroom, ak-47 in
4:35 am
hand. these heros prevented a massacre. we've learned more about these three americans who were among those killed when a suicide bomber blew up his car in kabul on saturday. the taliban is denying responsibility for the attack. let's go now to hong kong. a denial from the taliban. anyone claiming responsibility? >> reporter: victor x not at this stage, which is quite unusual. a spokesperson for the taliban said they certainly had no involvement in this attack. it was only a few weeks ago that they claimed responsibility for an attack at the airport which claimed the lives of five people. if this was this part of the taliban, certainly they would be
4:36 am
claiming responsibility. this is something they boast about and take enormous pride in. people are wondering is it a hard line faction of the taliban which may claim responsibility in a couple of days or a splinter group in pakistan. all of these questions really remain unanswered at this stage. but we know that this car suicide bombing caused just hideous damage in the center of kabul . as you say, 12 people were killed. three of those u.s. contractors. they've just released a statement saying their thoughts and prayers are with the victim's families. they're refusing to disclose any more information due to privacy concerns. we know they were working with the coalition forces on the ground. there are only 10,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan at the
4:37 am
moment. but obviously these u.s. contractors helping out the forces and providing a great deal of support. it looks like this suicide bomber was definitely targeting their convoy of suvs. this took place at rush hour so the number of casualties was extensive. more than 60 people injured. it took place outside a hospital of all things, a private clinic where people were queued up to see the doctor. many people in their cars, hence the extent of the damage i should say. look, this is the latest in a wave of violence sweeping across kabul. and there are serious concerns that the government and the afghan security forces can real really protect the people of afghanist afghanistan.
4:38 am
i want you to know this is a really powerful emotional story we're going to bring you in a second. kids crying from hunger, adults tearing through police lines. war refugees are trapped in miserable conditions. also, a decision from hospital officials after a cnn report sheds light on their disturbing mortality rate. we'll tell you what's happened. everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait.
4:39 am
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unimaginable, rockets and shelling in the rebel held city there in syria. killed at least 34 people. there were more blasts after the initial attack saturday northeast of damascus. according to reports a lot of the people are still buried under all of this. thousands of refugees most fleeing that conflict in syria are trying to move further into europe. we've got a map of the most traveled routes. the migrants stranded in greece. they've been camped out without shelter since macedonia sealed its borders thursday. >> reporter: it is the pain of parents who thought they were saving their children, hardly able to comprehend this is the europe they risked their lives
4:43 am
for. we are so scared for our kids. he cradles their five month old. there is little shelter from the torrential rains and no one to help them. what was an easy crossing for refugees most from syrias war is no more. macedonia declaring a state of emergency thursday, temporarily shut it down, leaving them abandoned. crushed against the razor wire on the greek side. a gentle comforting touch often all a parent can offer their child. few thought they would be degraded to this degree. look at this girl, he says. in syria she was an angel. now she is homeless and treated like an animal. she is feverish and listless. >> people here are so angry.
4:44 am
so upset. they can't believe that this is happening to them. in europe, everyone who we've been speaking to here has been stuck in these conditions for the last four days. this woman is pregnant. this man has had two heart surgeries. and over there a woman who says her child is also running a massive fever. macedon macedon macedonian police open the border for a few at a time. they stumble through, tightly gripping their children's arms. some collapse and are carried off. panic swells. young men throw themselves across. other refugees decide to make a run for it, bolting through any opening they find. darting across the fields. as macedonian police launch this. in the chaos families lose each
4:45 am
other. this woman got her son across, b but she was pushed back. he's gone, i can't see him, she sobs. she's not alone in her soul wrenching agony. their hardships were supposed to end in europe. instead along this border, echoes of misery too profound for words. arwa damon, cnn on the greece/macedonia border. >> i just cannot imagine what it's like for all those people. shifting gears her real quickly, a cnn investigation is discovering a disturbing mortality rate at a hospital. how that hospital is responding now. plus, are north and south korea inching closer to a conflict? the latest on the massive military buildup in the korean peninsula this morning. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords.
4:46 am
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40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ well sh, a hospital in flor with a pediatric mortality rate
4:50 am
more than three times the national average. >> reporter: this baby needed surgery in a procedure to widen her aorta. >> he made it seem like it was a walk in the park. >> reporter: but the surgery was a disaster. >> i looked at her, but her legs stiffened up a lot. and almost in the table-top position. >> reporter: but after surgery, she was paralyzed. this is her today. and no one told the family that there was a back story. just two months before a baby had died, and five months before that, a baby had died, and nine
4:51 am
months before another baby had died. >> it is hard to believe that they could be dishonest with you and not feel the need to tell you. >> reporter: and then one month later another baby die and then three months later another baby and eight months later another baby. the surgeon refused and on camera interview, and so we tracked down the ceo of the hospital, and gave him the opportunity to respond -- sir, this is elizabeth cohen from cnn and we would like to talk to you about your mortality rate at the hospital -- and we wanted to know why did so many babies die at st. mary's. >> and now you are joining us
4:52 am
and he reresigned this week? >> yes. >> and they defended it initially. >> yes, they put out a krshg re saying that cnn is wrong and they never said that they reported that they had a 4.77%. but they blamed the media for closing down. >> they blamed the media. >> yes, and when they closed down they said that the inaccurate media reports on our program made it more significantly challenging to build the program, and then there was a statement that said that dr. michael black remains in good standing on the st. mary hospital staff. >> and so the fact that they
4:53 am
shut down may say something in the family's favor if lawsuits are brought. are lawsuits brought? >> yes. >> civil. >> yes, correct, civil lawsuits and the mccarthy's family that we met have filed a suit and the mccarry family and the process is just in the beginning of the proce process, and they i have not been adjudicated and so there has not been a decision. >> what did they end up recommending? >> the chair of the panel recommended that a year and a half ago or so recommended that they stop doing the complex surgeries on any child, and that they stop doing any surgeries on babies and no surgeries on babies and no complex surgeries on any child and they didn't abide by it, and the hospital said it is a recommendation and not a mandate, and they continued to do the surgeries and the children continued to die. >> my goodness, elizabeth. it is a come peing piece, and
4:54 am
the families are grateful for it. thank you so much. >> and we have been following this break news all morning. north and south korea are increasing the military presence. the fighter jets and the artillery forces and the submarines are all on the move this morning, and this is happening as the two sides are trying the prevent a potential shooting war. that is kopg up at the top of the hour.
4:55 am
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so there was spygate, and then deflategate and then who knows what after that, a former coach tony dungy revealed this this week, peyton manning was so worried about the new england patriots cheating when he played for the colts that he would not talk strategy in the lk locker room, and according to one indianapolis reporter the colts still sweep for bugs in the locker room. >> i am interested to know what you said about that, because you played for nine years? >> well, no reports that they found bugs in the patriot's defense, and even with deflategate, this is going on for months and months a on the other hand hard evidence that the patriots cheat and nonetheless, they have been
4:59 am
involved in scandals, and the biggest sports scandal in sports history and we wanted to know what you thought, and jag, you said that deflategate is the dumbest sports scandal of all time, and can't believe it is still being showed, and this one, biggest scandal was jerry sandusky, and one said that it was bruce jenner getting the espy for bravery, and this one was bruce jenner, and this one was for me it's the 1919 chicago black sox and for me it's the patriots cheating biggest scandal, and so there are just a
5:00 am
few of them. >> thank you for spending your part of the day with us. and it is just about 8:00 if you have not checked the clock lately and we have so grateful for your company, i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. and now, on the front lines this morning, north and south korea are going back to the negotiating table, and we are monitoring close to the border there. >> and we are starting details of the man who started an attack on a train, but he was stopped by three americans and a britain. the newspapers are identifying the man as ayouble el khazzani, and they say he is linked to turkey fighters and they are trying to


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